Use of DIAMOND TOOLS today represents the only advanced technologically procedure to make a varied heap of workings interesting all divisions of industry.

Sawing, cut, rough, grinding, polishing, is today carried out with DIAMOND TOOLS of different types and dimensions, there is not any other high technology field where materials with so different features are worked.
For over 20 years we have been dealing with production of DIAMOND TOOLS, constantly researching improvements in technology of sintering of metal powders and ultra abrasive of diamond. Constancy, tenacity, and passion for this field drive us to improvise ourselves and to stake one’s all always.

The result is UNIDIAMANT, despite the young age, our product is well known and introduced in Italy and abroad.

Modern plants, selection of raw materials, constant controls during production cycle, control of each single finished piece, particular attention to cost reducing, clearness in business relationships, cooperation in research of the cheapest solution in working of stony materials and groupings.